Still no communication devices in your fashion store? Here’s why you should invest

Our communication devices can transform your fashion store into a customer’s dream. Here’s how.

Article by Joe Martin | 12th August 2022

As the fashion industry bounces back from the pandemic, in-store communication has taken on a new importance. In order to compete with the speed and convenience of ecommerce, fashion retailers need to provide a seamless customer experience. Here’s how we can make that happen.  

Fashion stores are back in fashion

The pandemic was particularly tough on fashion retailers. While grocery and hardware stores remained open, clothing outlets were forced to close for months on end. With no way to shop in-store, customers went online in their millions:

Fortunately, this seems to have been more of a short term blip than a permanent change. Recent data suggests that in-store fashion shopping is making a comeback:

  • Sales at US fashion stores more than doubled between January 2022 and March 2022 
  • In-store fashion sales reached an all time high of almost $26 billion in 2022

Customers want the best of both worlds

These numbers come as no surprise. Our recent survey of US and UK customers found that the appetite for physical shopping is alive and well. 43% said they would prefer to buy clothes in store, and 31% said they would never buy clothes online. However, customers also acknowledged the benefits of ecommerce. A third said that it was more convenient and a quarter said that it was less stressful. 

Read the full report here

Customers want to see clothes and try them on, and this gives fashion stores a big advantage over online competitors. But this won’t be enough on its own.  In order to win back shoppers, stores need to beat ecommerce at its own game. By combining the speed and convenience of online shopping with the personalized service of a physical store, we can help you to give customers the best of both worlds. 

A perfect fit for fashion stores 

VoCoVo is all about streamlining communication between associates. Our devices let you share information instantly, no matter how big your store. This translates into a much smoother experience for your customers:

  • Headsets let associates contact the stockroom without leaving the customer’s side. You can check if a certain size or color is available without keeping the customer waiting.
  • Hands-free design lets associates answer queries while continuing to restock or tidy the store. 
  • Customer Assistance Buttons can be placed on Buy Online, Pick-Up In Store desks. This allows customers to check on their online orders without joining the main queue. 
  • Telephony integration lets you answer external calls without leaving the shop floor. If customers are calling to check on stock, you can transfer their call straight to the stockroom.

A great investment

Our system will delight your customers, but will it save you money? The answer is a resounding yes:

  • Reducing walking distance can save you over $16,000 a year
  • Increasing task efficiency can save you over $5,700 a year
  • Unmanning desks and counters can save you over $30,000 a year

In total, VoCoVo can save your store up to $90,000 a year. With an average installation cost of just $8,800, it should pay for itself in a matter of weeks. And that’s before you factor in all the extra money that your happy customers will be spending!

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