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Click & Collect is changing the way we shop, and VoCoVo is here to make it easy.

Article by John Hicks | 3rd May 2022

The pandemic has transformed customer expectations. Millions were forced to shop online and this has made the in-store experience more important than ever. If you want to keep these customers, you’ll need to get on board with omnichannel shopping. This means embracing Click & Collect, and we can help. 

Click & Collect is the technology of the future

Click & Collect was undoubtedly the big winner of the pandemic. Customers were keen to spend as little time as possible in stores, and the service offered the perfect solution:

Find out how Click & Collect has transformed DIY stores: 

It is tempting to dismiss this as a temporary effect of the pandemic, but customer surveys paint a different picture. Now that customers have grown used to the the convenience of Click & Collect, they have no plans to stop using it:

  • 90% of new Click & Collect customers plan to keep using the service
  • The UK Click & Collect market is forecast to reach £9.6 billion this year, accounting for almost 14% of all online sales 

A sign of the times

For further proof that Click & Collect is here to stay, you should look no further than Primark. Along with cheap prices and gigantic stores, the company is famous for shunning the world of online shopping. When a Twitter user asked why it wasn’t turning to ecommerce during the pandemic, Primark simply replied:

We prefer to sell our products in our physical stores but thanks for the suggestion.” 

The company has always been steadfast in this position, but this could be about to change. 

Earlier this month, Primark launched its new, revamped website. While the current site only allows users to check stock levels, there has been a great deal of speculation about a possible move to ecommerce. John Bason, finance director of Primark’s owner Associated British Foods, hinted that the company’s stance may have softened. While he ruled out plans for full online shopping, he made a very telling comment:

“If there was an ecommerce opportunity for us, it would probably be more in the area of Click & Collect.”

When a company as committed to in-store shopping as Primark is considering a move to Click & Collect, you know that a permanent change has taken place. We’ve watched the service grow rapidly in recent years, and we’ve created products to match. Here’s why VoCoVo and Click & Collect are a perfect fit. 

VoCoVo and Click & Collect: A match made in heaven 

The rise of Click & Collect suits us perfectly. Our system is a natural companion to the service, allowing you to give customers exactly what they want:

  • Call points can be placed on Click & Collect desks, allowing customers to talk to a colleague without having to join the main queue. This also means that colleagues can get on with other tasks between customers. 
  • Colleagues can use headsets to check on Click & Collect orders without visiting the stockroom. Customers can find out if their order has arrived without waiting for a colleague to cross the store. 
  • Telephony integration lets customers check on their orders from home. Calls go directly to colleagues’ headsets, and colleagues can transfer these calls straight to the stockroom. 

Click & Collect is just the beginning. Whatever aspect of customer service you’re looking to improve, we can help. Get in touch today to find out more. 

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