Wireless headsets made simple

At the touch of a button, the whole team can talk, listen, and help.

The power of voice

VoCoVo Headsets

VoCoVo Headsets offer simple to use wireless team communications, with crystal clear audio enabling your teams to communicate instantly across the widest areas.

Built around proven digital radio technology, communications between colleagues is simple and intuitive. Forget crackling walkie-talkies, poor voice quality, and barged in conversations. With VoCoVo conferenced technology, colleagues are free to concentrate on the task, not the tool.

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Technology that delivers

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hours battery life

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metres coverage

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hours full recharge

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Making work easier

At the touch of a button, the whole team can talk, listen, and help

Simple to use

Have a real-time conversation with any colleague across your team, store or company at the touch of a button. With features like Mute and Talk-Lock to keep your communications hands-free.

No more crossed wires

Unlike traditional walkie-talkies, we use full-duplex technology to deliver crystal-clear audio that flows in both directions. This means you can listen to others while you’re speaking, just like you’re talking face-to-face.

Tech that lasts a shift

VoCoVo devices will run for up to 55 hours on a single charge and will charge fully in three hours. To check the battery or overall health of your kit, just log in to the online Portal to see it in real-time.

Our wall mountable Headset dock maximises each VoCoVo device’s battery life. A fully scaleable charging dock that allows you to add more changing slots when required. Simultaneously charge Headsets, Call Points and Keypads.

Voice conferences

Set up your teams

Unlike traditional walkie talkies, we use full-duplex technology to deliver crystal clear audio that flows in both directions. This means you can listen to others while you’re speaking, just like you’re talking face-to-face.

When your colleagues are all wearing a VoCoVo device, you can stay connected on a group audio conference while you’re working across the shop floor, stock room and car parks and even neighbouring stores. Because you’re not distracted by slow connectivity or stilted conversations, you can focus on working together.

How to use

VoCoVo Series 4 Headset

Headsets that allow for more than just talking

Wireless communication headsets with the latest conferencing technology

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Scaleable & easy to install

A fully modular solution that grows with and for your business needs.

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Clearer communication

Full-duplex technology that allows for natural conversations.

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No open radio frequencies and no more loud tannoy announcements.


Multiple wearing styles

Our robust VoCoVo Headset has been ergonomically designed with three detachable wearing style options. Padded earpieces and lightweight material make each style flexible and comfortable to wear—everything you’d expect from a headset with a 55-hour battery life.

A lot of us were sceptical at first, as we were worried that we would really notice wearing the Headsets. We were all shocked at how lightweight the headsets are, we forget we have them on!

Elizabeth Scott   |   Store Manager

Product Specification

Dimensions excluding Headband (mm)
130W X 50H X 150D (mm)
Weight (excluding headband, including battery)
1.880 – 1.900 GHz
Up to 120m *without use of repeaters
Battery Life
Standby 48 hours, talk-time up to 9 hrs
Battery Specifications
3.7V 295mAh, rechargeable

Frequently asked questions

How many Headsets can I run from a single install?

If you have a basic VoCoVo Go setup, then 29 headsets is your limit. Adding a VoCoVo Controller offers a much broader signal range and carrying capacity, and you’ll comfortably serve around 1000 headsets simultaneously.

How can I register and activate VoCoVo Headsets?

It’s super easy. Just place the Headset in the charge rack for a few seconds, then remove. 

Is VoCoVo just ‘team Headsets’?

In short, no.

Crystal clear, multi-way team communication is just ground-level functionality and VoCoVo smart headset are just part of a family of VoCoVo hardware that combines to bring a voice-led tech layer to operations and service delivery.

A VoCoVo install has the potential to impact store, backroom and warehouse operations at every level, in every department.  

How long does the charge on a Headset last?

With around 48 hours talk-time from a single charge, you shouldn’t face a crisis of communication mid-shift.

Need a top up? A charge time of as little as 15 minutes during a coffee break will generate a significant boost to see teams through the rest of the day.

Can I integrate my telephony into VoCoVo? If so, How?

Yes, and we recommend it—particularly if you’re losing revenue to missed calls.

VoCoVo retail headsets can integrate with your PBX to pick u p and transfer incoming calls-on-the go, but you’ll need to have the more powerful ‘Controller’ install that’s more sophisticated than the ground level ‘Go’ system.


Connect with us to discover more about VoCoVo’s smart integrations.

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