What is the VoCoVo ecosystem?

Explaining how the core products work together.

Article by Joe Martin | 25th March 2021

Our products are good on their own, but they’re even better together. That’s why we often talk about VoCoVo as an ecosystem: a group of products working together in harmony. 

There are three main pieces of hardware in the VoCoVo ecosystem- headsets, call points and keypads. There is also a robust array of software working behind the scenes. In this blog we’ll take a look at each component, and then give you some examples of the full system in action. 


Headsets are the cornerstone of our ecosystem. They create an open channel of communication between colleagues, no matter how large your store. Full duplex technology allows you to speak and listen at the same time, while our multi-cell base units provide crystal clear communication for up to 1,000 colleagues. 

Find out more about our headsets.

Call points

A call point is a customer service button with a built-in speaker. Customers press the call point and this sends an alert to all nearby headsets. Colleagues can either attend to the customer in person, or answer their question directly via their headset. This simple addition to your store creates a number benefits:

  • Customers don’t have to search for a colleague when they need help.
  • Each query can be answered by the nearest colleague, reducing walking distance and increasing efficiency.
  • Call points can be placed on customer service desks during quieter periods. This frees up colleagues to get on with other tasks. Unmanning one desk in this way could save you $594 per week


We want checkout colleagues to feel supported at all times, and that’s why we created checkout keypads. These are similar to call points, except it is the colleague not the customer who calls for assistance:

  •  Checkout colleagues can press the keypad to send an automated request for help to all nearby team members.
  • Colleagues have separate buttons for each of the most common requests. This allows them to specify the nature of their problem without having to summon a colleague and tell them what they need.
  • A built-in microphone allows shop floor colleagues to speak directly to checkout colleagues if they need more information.

The ecosystem in action

The VoCoVo system is at its best when several of these elements are working together. Consider a scenario that should be familiar to you. A customer has come to pick up a Click & Collect order but doesn’t know if it has arrived yet.  Without VoCoVo, this could lead to a long and frustrating ordeal:

  • The customer has to join the main queue in order to speak to a colleague
  • The colleague has to walk to the stockroom to check on the order 
  • The customer has to wait until the colleague returns, only to find that their order hasn’t arrived 

Now, imagine the same scenario with VoCoVo:

  • The customer arrives and goes straight to the nearest call point
  • They press the button and a colleague answers straight away
  • The colleague uses their headset to contact the stockroom, getting the information immediately and relaying it to the customer through the call point

Another example: a checkout colleague runs out of change during the lunch rush. Here’s how things might play out without VoCoVo:

  • The colleague has to leave their position in search of change
  • Customers grow frustrated in the meantime
  • The colleague returns to find that the length of the queue has doubled in their absence

Now, the VoCoVo version:

  • The colleague presses the keypad button assigned to replenishing change
  • The nearest floor colleague grabs some change and brings it to them
  • The checkout colleague can continue serving while they wait for help to arrive

These are just two examples of the VoCoVo ecosystem in action. We haven’t even touched on our software portal, or on the endless possibilities created by smart integrations

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