VoCoVo and Telaid join forces to supercharge in-store communication across North America

Strategic partnership extends the reach of VoCoVo’s seamless voice communication capabilities in US and Canadian retail markets.

Article by Alex Lawrence | 7th September 2023

VoCoVo, the retail communications specialist, has today announced a partnership with leading technology integrator, Telaid. The alliance will elevate in-store communication experiences to new heights, propelling VoCoVo’s cutting-edge voice communication technology, including its new Series 5 Pro model, further into the lucrative US and Canadian retail markets. 

Known for helping enterprises accelerate technology adoption through design, deployment and support of a full range of technologies, Telaid has become an official authorised reseller partner for VoCoVo. Leveraging its extensive coverage across North America, Telaid will unlock fresh market opportunities for VoCoVo, empowering retail teams across all tiers to seamlessly collaborate, communicate, and connect through voice. 

The announcement comes as the US retail market continues to demonstrate resilience and robust year-on-year growth, with recent estimates projecting a market size of $6.9 trillion. As the world’s largest retail market, North America offers immense potential and scalability for VoCoVo’s unified communication platform, presenting significant global expansion opportunities. The increasing demand for enhanced customer service and in-store efficiencies will enable VoCoVo to deliver exceptional value-added support services, solidifying its position as a market leader. 

VoCoVo’s US expansion recently gained momentum through a fruitful partnership with premier food retailer, The Fresh Market Inc. Initially deployed in 44 stores across America, VoCoVo’s innovative voice communication technology yielded outstanding results, including faster response times and improved service quality. The success of the rollout has led to an immediate expansion to 43 more stores, with ambitious plans to implement the technology in an additional 116 stores in the near future.   

Telaid’s extensive reach and technical expertise will serve as a powerful catalyst, expanding the accessibility of VoCoVo’s lightweight, crystal-clear wireless headsets and telephony integration to an even broader network of retailers across the US and Canada. Revolutionising in-store communication, VoCoVo’s retail-specific solutions deliver real-time, full-duplex voice technology, zero dropouts, and long-lasting battery life to further boost efficient collaboration, enhancing team connectivity and overall store operational efficiency.

Dean Chettra, Global Head of Partner Sales at VoCoVo, commented: “Our partnership with Telaid marks a significant milestone in VoCoVo’s mission to transform in-store communication experiences across North America. Our dedication to empowering retailers with the tools they need to elevate customer service and operational efficiency aligns perfectly with Telaid’s extensive coverage and technical prowess. Together, we look forward to unlocking lucrative growth opportunities and maximising revenue potential.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with best-of-breed provider, VoCoVo, who shares our passion for helping retailers achieve their business objectives through the implementation of innovative technologies. Together, VoCoVo and Telaid support the design, deployment and use of innovative voice communication technologies to support retailers’ operational and customer service objectives.”

Beth Bergmann, Senior Vice President Solution Strategy & Brand Experience at Telaid.

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