Make safety your priority

Stop thieves and reduce shrinkage by connecting every team member to your in-store security system.

How it works

Keep your people and products safe

VoCoVo integrates with your existing security system and connects your team to smart devices across your store. For example, when CCTV monitors pick up unusual activity or smart shelving needs to be refilled, VoCoVo instantly notifies a member of your team.

Visual deterrent

Deter criminals who target your stores

Want to deter thieves from targeting your stores and keep your people safe? When you equip every associate with a VoCoVo Headset, the world sees a united team that’s always connected and ready to respond to any situation. Whether that means intercepting a shoplifter or helping a team member in trouble.

In case of emergency

VoCoVo empowers your team to act fast when something doesn’t feel right. If an associate notices suspicious activity in store or feels vulnerable while working, they can alert their team discreetly and contact emergency services straight from their Headset.

Why secure your stores with VoCoVo?

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Emergency support

Need backup? Associates can contact emergency services at the push of a button from anywhere in the store.

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CCTV & security integration

VoCoVo integrates with existing security systems and alerts your team instantly to suspicious activity.

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Discreet communication

No noisy tannoys, no missed opportunities. With VoCoVo, your team can coordinate remotely to stop thieves in their tracks.

“I need backup in aisle 4.”

VoCoVo empowers your team to respond to any situation quickly and discreetly. Associates can coordinate with each other remotely, call security, and alert emergency services straight from their Headsets—all while managing the ongoing threat.

Make the night shift safer

After hours, when there are fewer team members on shift and associates are more likely to be working alone, VoCoVo makes sure they never feel vulnerable. Everyone stays connected to their team at all times and they can call security straight from their Headset. According to data from our customers, teams that wear our Headsets are more confident working across all areas of their store and feel 54% safer during their shift, overall.

No more PA-pollution

Move your confidential conversations to VoCoVo’s discreet, secure network. When your cameras pick up suspicious activity or there’s a shoplifting risk at checkout, associates can coordinate via their Headsets and deal with it privately without disturbing other shoppers.

Fight theft from your central hub

Every team member with a VoCoVo Headset can communicate with your central security hub. This allows your on-site and external security teams to monitor activity across stores and alert associates to potential threats—like shoplifters or criminal gangs operating in their area—so your teams are always a step ahead.

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