Five reasons to come and see VoCoVo at Groceryshop 2023

Groceryshop 2023 is almost here and we’ve got plenty to show off. Here’s what you can expect from us this year.

Article by CJ Drikakis | 12th September 2023

Viva Las Vegas

Groceryshop is returning to Las Vegas. This year’s event is set to be the biggest yet. 

From 19-21 September, some of retail’s leading lights will descend on the Mandalay Bay resort for a packed programme of talks, demonstrations and meetings. We’ll be there too, rubbing shoulders with the big names and showing off our new Series 5 Pro headset


Our S5 Pro headset is our best yet and is tailored to modern grocery retail:

  • Better associate efficiency
  • Instant expert customer service, with associate team knowledge sharing at the touch of a button
  • Agile shelf replenishment
  • Responsive online pick
  • Real time inventory reports


This year’s theme is transformation, and the focus is squarely on new technology and how it will shape the future of retail. Attendees are going to be looking for practical solutions to the problems of today. This is where we can help. 


Find us at Booth A842, or click here to book a meeting:

Whether it’s addressing labor shortages, cracking down on crime or improving the efficiency of key tasks, VoCoVo is an all-in-one solution to the struggles of modern retail. We know that sounds like a big promise, but we’re confident we can back it up. Here are five reasons you should pay us a visit at Groceryshop 2023.  


1. Do more with less

The retail industry lost millions of associates during the “Great Resignation” of 2021-22. Employee numbers are beginning to recover, but there are still around 800,000 unfilled roles. This shortfall forces associates to juggle responsibilities, leading to more mistakes and longer waiting times. With over a quarter of shoppers naming inefficiency as their biggest frustration, these issues need to be addressed as a matter of urgency. 


We can’t help with recruitment, but we can help associates to cope in the meantime. Our headsets provide immediate communication from anywhere in store, allowing you to make a small team go further. Associates can share information, check stock levels and answer customer questions, all without having to leave their position.


This cuts out unnecessary walking, speeding up response times and reducing fatigue. Our research shows that we can save the average associate 1600 yards of daily walking, and this has a knock on effect on task efficiency. Associates can free up 105 minutes a day, giving them more time to serve customers and replenish stock.  


Connect with VoCoVo at Booth A842, or book a meeting now:


2. Never miss a message

Better communication is the key to efficiency, but this only works if every message gets through. This is where our new Series 5 Pro really shines. We’ve added a number of features to make sure you never have to repeat yourself. 

  • A front and rear microphone, providing crystal clear sound when speaking and listening
  • The latest in digital signaling technology, allowing us to quadruple audio definition and clarity
  • A state of the art noise-canceling algorithm trained to filter out retail-specific background noise
  • An extended battery life providing up to eleven hours talk time from a single charge 


Intelligent power management- the science behind our longest lasting battery ever


This easy communication isn’t just for individual stores. Our message cast feature allows head office to send updates directly to associates’ headsets. Whether it’s a product recall or news about an upcoming offer, you can get your entire estate on the same page at the press of a button. 


3. Reduce losses

Shoplifting is a perennial problem for retailers, but the nature of this threat has changed in recent years. Shoplifting has become a key source of funding for criminal gangs, creating a new, better organized breed of thief. Organized retail crime grew by 26% last year, and annual shoplifting losses are fast approaching the $100 billion mark. With thousands of stores already on the brink of bankruptcy, these losses are nothing short of disastrous.


Retailers need to stamp out shoplifting before it’s too late, but this is easier said than done. Stores are facing widespread labor shortages, making it impossible for associates to monitor suspicious behavior. This is another area in which we can help:

  • Our headsets connect shop floor associates to the security team at all times. If an associate spots something suspicious, they can send a discreet warning to the nearest security associate. This is far more discreet than a PA announcement, giving criminals less opportunity to escape. 
  • Headsets act as a visible deterrent. Criminals can see that associates are in contact, making them less likely to steal.
  • Message cast allows head office to warn stores of criminals operating in their area. Rather than responding to thieves in the moment, you can be prepared for their arrival.  


Read more: how we helped a leading UK homeware chain beat the shoplifters 


4. Embrace smart technology

90% of consumers want more in-store technology, and retailers have been happy to oblige. The global market for smart retail technology reached $42 billion last year, and is expected to grow by almost 30% every year this decade. 

As smart technology floods into North American stores, managers are faced with a dilemma. Technology can do wonders for the customer experience, but it can also be confusing for associates. Every new device generates notifications, and this can be overwhelming for the people using them. Luckily, there’s a way to simplify things. 


Our headsets are fitted with a notification API, allowing them to receive notifications from thousands of smart devices. Associates receive alerts directly to their headsets, helping them to perform time-sensitive tasks with maximum efficiency:

  • Smart shelving will warn associates when an item is running low, allowing them to replenish stock as soon as possible. 
  • Associates will be notified when an online order is ready for collection, allowing them to respond in a timely fashion. 
  • Real-time inventory reports can be delivered to headsets or accessed via our online portal, giving you additional insight into sales and stock levels.  


5. Improve sustainability

Being environmentally conscious is no longer optional for retailers. 78% of US consumers care about sustainability, and two thirds are willing to pay more for sustainable products. 

Customers want to see your commitment to the environment, and this doesn’t just apply to the items you sell. It’s also about the way that you operate as a business, and a big part of this is reducing waste. 


The USA throws away 400 million electronic items a year, making it one of the biggest contributors to global e-waste. As retailers incorporate the latest smart technology, thousands of obsolete devices could end up in landfill. We don’t want this to happen, which is why our headsets are built for the long haul:

  • The Series 5 Pro is fully modular, meaning that individual parts can be replaced without the need to buy a new headset. 
  • The modular design means that you can upgrade parts of the device as new technology becomes available. 
  • The headset is waterproof, heat resistant and can withstand a fall of 6 feet. This means fewer breakages and less need to order replacement parts. 


These are just some of the ways that we can make life easier in the present, and set you up for success in the future. 


To find out more, come and see us at Booth A842, or click here to book a meeting:


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