Why communication is the key to security

Article by Olivia Robinson | 28th May 2020

In modern stores, there can be pressure on staff to act in the event of a security problem. This can be intimidating for lone colleagues or teams spread thinly across large locations. In 2019 alone, 950,000 incidents of theft were reported in the UK. No member of staff should ‘be a hero’, but connected individuals can respond quicker and more safely if the technology is available. Teams that are connected can share information between shop floor staff, management and security.

Sadly, security is becoming an increasingly important issue in retail. Shoplifting cost UK retail £5.5bn in 2019. Shoplifting offences have risen at least 7% over the past four years. Criminal gangs also operate increasingly in teams, often presenting an intimidating threat to colleagues in UK stores.

By connecting staff, we’re empowering colleagues to act in a safe and responsible manner. In the event of reduced staffing, communication technology connects disparate teams and protects lone team members. We spoke to some VoCoVo customers during the recent pandemic, some described the headsets as a ‘godsend’ or ‘vital’ to connecting their team and providing security.

VoCoVo has measured a 52% increase in how safe colleagues feel following the implementation of our communication technology. Staff also report an increase of 233% in how effectively they can work together, with our data showing colleagues feel 176% more supported. This data suggests that communication can empower staff and support better security measures.

Headsets act as an effective communication tool, but also deter thefts. If colleagues are visibly connected, shoplifters are far less likely to act. The headset also provides discrete communication, making it less intimidating or risky for staff to act.

Retail is currently facing unprecedented levels of stress. The global health crisis and strain on supply and business infrastructure. The uncertain future also presents likely challenges around security and staffing.

Our technology is both visible, instant and discrete. In many stores, an individual headset provides a lifeline in a challenging work environment. Staff visibility and connectivity isn’t an alternative to security, but it does improve wellbeing and deter some thefts.

We understand how challenging it is right now for our customers, we’re working together with some of the UK and Europe’s biggest brands to ensure staff are empowered with communication systems they can rely on.

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