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Learn how VoCoVo has helped global retailers improve associate and customer safety in store as well as contributing to significant reductions in theft and loss.

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Discover how VoCoVo protects teams and stores against losses

It’s no surprise that criminals continue to target retailers. With such a low chance of getting caught, shoplifting must seem like the perfect crime. Until now that is…

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Tech that protects your team

VoCoVo helps retailers improve associate and customer safety in store – find out how

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Connect associates to security teams

Instantly communicate any perceived risk and improve store safety by connecting every associate to the security team

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Security camera and door alarm integration

Connect associates to automatic alerts from smart security cameras and door alarms to notify teams of any theft or safety risks

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Integration with public address systems

Enable members of the team to connect instantly to the public address system to alert associates or customers when needed

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Connect head office to the whole team

Send messages direct from head office to some or every associate to warn of potential threats from organized crime or other dangerous situations

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Simple push to talk functionality and in-ear communication enables discreet communication between associates and security teams

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No reliance on WiFi

Robust in-store infrastructure is not dependant on WiFi so will work even if Wi-Fi in store is not operational

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