The Retail Security Systems Preventing Theft and Improving Staff Safety in Tier 1 Stores Across Europe

Article by Martyn Jones | 26th February 2019

With the overall financial cost of retail crime climbing to £700 million in 2018, Tier 1 retailers are increasingly looking to innovative technology systems as a solution to their store security challenges.

Whilst many retailers continue to invest in traditional security methods, more innovative technology solutions are increasingly offering businesses simpler, more effective and cost- efficient means of enhancing staff safety and reducing losses from theft.

Retail theft prevention in the digital age

Stores around the world rely on tried-and-tested retail security solutions such as the hiring of additional security staff, CCTV implementation, and mirrors positioned at the corner of aisles to eliminate blind spots to monitor their premises, protect staff, and help prevent theft.

But retailers are still losing out. In the USA, nearly $50 billion was lost in 2018 to shoplifting alone, while in the UK, instances of reported shoplifting increased by 4 percent. Team communication technology that enables staff employees to communicate instantly with colleagues across the shop floor could help.

How team communication technology solutions are preventing violence and theft to retail staff

Instead of roaming the workplace for a certain team member, staff employees using team communication technology can directly call for aid to any team member there and then, without having to leave the situation if a problem arises.

● Interaction with security staff can be enabled if a customer assistant or other employee witnesses suspicious or illegal behaviour on the shop floor
● The sight of store staff communicating via headset technology can itself be a strong deterrent to crime and violence
● Checkouts, where ID checks are performed, can be equipped with nearby alarm buttons underneath the tills to alert security or managers to any aggravation on the store floor

Technology solutions such as these are already transforming store security for retailers throughout Europe; in one case, integrated security software contributed to a 91% decrease in workplace-related injuries from violent assaults.

How to prevent violence and theft in retail stores using VoCoVo

Across Europe, many major retailers are turning to a specific communication solution to prevent violence and theft in their stores: VoCoVo.

Designed and developed using the latest telecommunication technology, VoCoVo’s product suite can deliver instant crystal clear communication to teams however small or large, wherever they may be.

At the heart of every VoCoVo solution are lightweight headsets that enable colleagues to communicate instantly using full duplex conference communication. These units can be given to any member of staff, from checkout workers and cleaners, to managers and security, and with a single touch of a button teams can interact with one another without having to find them.

VoCoVo also offers Checkout KeyPads, which enables staff employees to call for assistance from team members or security, without having to leave their checkout. This also feeds through the headsets, promoting a quick reaction time to any concerns.

Handsets and apps are also available featuring a panic alarm/man down function that broadcasts an ‘Urgent Help required’ message, an essential safety device for lone workers.

‘Being connected via VoCoVo headsets enables our security teams to alert us instantly and discretely to any suspicious activity and prevent shoplifting.’

Supervisor, food retailer.


The scale and reputation of Tier 1 retailer businesses make theft and violence major business concerns. Implementing modern innovative technology solutions such as VoCoVo can help prevent these issues, reassuring your team members of a safer working environment and preventing a loss of revenue across all your stores.

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