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Article by Aaron Copestake | 3rd May 2022

Communication among colleagues is vital, especially in larger stores. For decades, American retailers have relied on 2 way radios to connect colleagues. 38% of all walkie-talkies are sold in the US, and nearly a third of these are used for commercial purposes. 

It’s easy to understand why walkie-talkies are popular. They are cheap, convenient and, above all,  familiar. But this is only part of the story. They are also bulky, loud and often unreliable. In short, this wartime technology is starting to show its age. 

We believe that VoCoVo is the perfect solution. Our headsets keep the spirit of the 2 way radio alive, while also meeting the expectations of the modern customer. Here’s why it might be time for a change. 

Customers won’t settle for “Good enough”.

You may be thinking “Hey, 2 way radios may not be perfect, but they get the job done.” This is true but, in a post-COVID world, getting the job done is not enough. 

The pandemic drove millions of shoppers online for the first time. Having been exposed to a new level of speed and convenience, they have come to expect a higher standard of service in stores. Our recent survey of US customers showed how much their expectations have shifted:

  • 93% of customers are frustrated by the physical retail experience
  • Over a quarter of customers will leave a store if they haven’t been served within five minutes
  • 65% of US shoppers would rather search for information on their phone than ask a colleague 

Read the full report here:

Modern customers want great service, and they want it now. 2 way radios are not up to the job:

  • 2 way radios only offer one-way conversations. Colleagues have to wait for the other person to finish speaking before replying. This slows down the flow of information, increasing the time it takes to answer customer queries. 
  • 2 way radios play messages out loud, creating a noisy shopping environment. Customers don’t want their experience spoiled by the sound of static and garbled conversations.
  • 2 way radios can only be operated by hand. Using a 2 way radios to find information for a customer means stopping whatever task you were performing. This can delay other important jobs such as restocking shelves or serving customers at the checkout. 
  • The bulkiness of 2 way radios makes them difficult to carry around all day. Colleagues may put them down and forget to pick them up, leading to missed messages and more delays in customer service.

A better way to put customers first 

These problems are fairly minor on their own but, when combined, they can lead to a great deal of frustration. VoCoVo lets you balance the needs of colleagues and customers, leading to a better experience for everyone:

  • Our headsets use full-duplex technology, allowing colleagues to speak and listen at the same time. You can have easy, natural conversations with your colleagues and find information for customers at the push of a button. 
  • Headsets are far more discreet than walkie-talkies. Messages are played directly into the ears of colleagues, keeping the shop floor free of noise pollution. 
  • Headsets are hands-free. Colleagues can find information for customers while continuing to perform other tasks. 
  • Headsets are lightweight and can be worn as a headband, earpiece for neckband. Colleagues can wear them all day with no discomfort, guaranteeing that important messages aren’t missed.

UK stores have been using our headsets for a while, and the customer service benefits are clear. A popular hardware chain found that colleagues were able to answer customer queries 25% faster. A large chain of drug stores found that customers were three times as confident in the ability of colleagues to answer their questions. 

America has the best customer service in the world, but other countries are catching up fast. With VoCoVo in your corner, you can stay on top for years to come. 

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