How we champion the end user – making our design comfortable and wearable

Our new Series 5 Pro headset takes user comfort to the next level. Here’s how. 

Article by Martyn Jones | 11th May 2023

From faster performance to safer encryption, our new Series 5 Pro headset is packed with exciting features. This is great news for stores, but only if colleagues are willing to make the switch. 

It doesn’t matter how advanced a piece of technology is. If colleagues don’t want to use it, the benefits will be lost, and your return on investment will be diminished. When designing a product, we keep this in mind at all times.

Our mission has always been to maximise the comfort of our users. In the past, we’ve been held back by technological constraints. With the Series 5 Pro, many of these have melted away. 


Here’s why our new headset is the most comfortable yet, and how this can help you to create a happier and more productive store. 


Your feedback matters

At VoCoVo, we understand that the end user is our lifeblood. Our devices live and die by their adoption, so it’s vital that we respond to user feedback. We constantly tested the first three iterations of our headset, asking the opinions of colleagues at every turn. 


We learned that comfort was key. Colleagues wanted a device that could be worn for an entire shift, so headsets had to be as light and ergonomic as possible. At first, it was difficult to achieve this with the technology of the day. Batteries were relatively large, meaning that headsets couldn’t be as small or as light as we would have liked.


Luckily, battery technology improved rapidly. With the Series 4, we were able to build a headset that truly prioritised comfort:

  • Our lightest ever design
  • A padded earpiece
  • A choice of two ergonomic wearing styles- headband or neckband 


This new design was a big hit with colleagues, as TGI Friday’s Elizabeth Scott explains: 

“A lot of us were sceptical at first, as we were worried that we would really notice wearing the headsets. We were all shocked at how lightweight the headsets are, we forget we have them on!”


Comfort for everyone

The Series 4 was a huge leap forward, but it wasn’t perfect. The lightweight design and multiple wearing styles offered unparalleled physical comfort, but there was still room for improvement in other areas.

Some colleagues were self-conscious about wearing a device, worrying that the protruding microphone would make them stand out on the shop floor. At the same time, companies wanted to be sure that headsets didn’t create a psychological barrier between customers and colleagues by making it appear that colleagues were on a call. 

On top of this, the pandemic raised some new challenges. Hygiene became a major concern for colleagues, and this was exacerbated by the shared nature of our devices. Headsets are typically used by multiple colleagues, who want to feel assured about the hygiene of the device they are wearing.


Addressing these issues was a top priority when designing the Series 5 Pro. We wanted to create a device that didn’t exclude anyone, and this is reflected in a number of ways:

  • The microphone boom has been shortened to be less pronounced. This makes the wearer more approachable, removing the barrier between colleague and customer. Improved digital signalling and noise cancelling technology have allowed us to make this change. 
  • The new headset has a modular design. This allows for the replacement of components in the field, making repairs easy and cost effective.
  • Shared components can be removed and cleaned easily at the start of a shift. Ear cushions can also be replaced regularly to ensure hygiene. 
  • The new design offers improved head support, making it more comfortable for colleagues 


These are just some of the ways the Series 5 Pro puts users first. To find out more, or to arrange a free trial, don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

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