Never miss another customer call to your store: VOCOVO integrates seamlessly with your existing telephony.


Using VOCOVO headsets, colleagues answer customer calls on the shop floor with VOCOVO telephony integration.

Incoming calls can be directed through an auto-attendant or IVR (interactive voice response) to an individual or conferenced group in your store. Calls are answered with easy-to-use functions on the VOCOVO headset, put on hold while more information is gathered or transferred to a different department or individual. In addition, by dialling the VOCOVO device extension number, off site colleagues can speak instantly to team members from anywhere in the world.

Always deliver unbeatable customer experience

With the outgoing call feature, team members can call a set of phone numbers directly from their VOCOVO headset or handset.

For example,

  • Staff on the shop floor can call a ‘Help desk’ for more information while they are with a customer.
  • Team members can instantly contact head office, offsite warehousing or a regional distribution center for support and information.

Reduce the number of communication devices

No need to carry multiple devices such as heavy walkie-talkies and phones. With VOCOVO telephony integration, just one communication device has all the functionality you need.


Key Features:

Integrate with any telephone system
Accept incoming calls onto VOCOVO headsets
Make outgoing calls from VOCOVO headsets
Reduce the number of devices carried by colleagues
Instantly contact an individual, group or support team
Easy to use call handling functionality
Optional headset call handling features
Tutorials built into headset function