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Urgent maintenance problem! The Maintenance Manager is contacted instantly via his VOCOVO headset and is on his way.

Urgent last minute change! This person is using her VOCOVO handset to speak instantly with a colleague on his VOCOVO headset.

The Manager has her VOCOVO handset on loudspeaker mode so she can monitor headset communications.

There’s an urgent problem! The stage manager speaks instantly with her team located around the theatre via their VOCOVO headsets.

This person is using his VOCOVO headset to communicate instantly with his sound & lighting colleagues via their VOCOVO headsets.

Box office assistant requests immediate ‘Manager Assistance’ using the VOCOVO KeyPad. Her manager is communicating with her via his VOCOVO headset to resolve the query. The assistant hears the reply via the KeyPad’s Audio TalkBack feature.

A delivery has arrived! The driver presses the CallPoint. Theatre staff hear the message on their VOCOVO headsets and immediately let the driver know they are on their way via the CallPoint Audio TalkBack feature.

No wires, no battery belt packs, no cabling just instant crystal clear communication.

VOCOVO is a team communication solution that, at its heart, enables theatre, stage and event staff to communicate instantly to resolve queries and issue instruction.

Press a button, speak and your whole team can listen, talk and help!

The system adopts efficient, lightweight yet robust headsets and takes team communication to a whole new level of sophistication.

A VOCOVO solution goes beyond headsets with everyone on site connected wirelessly through VOCOVO devices such as Handsets, Ticket desk Keypads and CallPoints, with coverage in every corner of the workplace. VOCOVO device options such as handsets, smartphones and tablets also enable communications to extend cross-enterprise and beyond to offsite warehousing, head office and sites across the globe.

This means fewer devices yet more modes of communication, including real-time event handling, telephony, emails and even geo-fencing alerts.


VOCOVO fully integrates with telephony so that theatre and event staff never miss an incoming call. Telephone calls can be answered using headsets or any VOCOVO device.

Modular and scalable

VOCOVO is a modular and completely scalable solution designed around your individual requirements. Experience shows us that theatre, stage and event management teams of every shape and size can enjoy the quantifiable benefits of VOCOVO.



No wires, no cables & no battery belt pack
Replaces old cumbersome technology like walkie talkies
Instant communication with crystal clear audio
Improved staff efficiency & reduced costs
Encourages teamwork
Improved customer service
Rapid return on investment
Integration with telephony, smart phones & tablets
Robust yet lightweight headsets


“Although, not a West End Theatre company, the demands we place on our equipment are no less exacting. This solution is perfect for it’s simplicity in set-up. The super-light headsets are unobtrusive and blend seamlessly into the background and most importantly, the crystal clear and easy communication that let’s us ‘forget about the kit’ and get on with the job in hand.”

Blakeney Players

“We tried Walkie Talkies but the handsets and battery packs were bulky and the cabling obtrusive. Crackly, single channel communication often blocked out essential messaging. An accidentally left open-channel blocked the whole communication system. We tested bluetooth and conventional radio systems, but these all failed to impress.”

Blakeney Players