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Production line 1 breaks down! The Maintenance Manager is contacted instantly via his VOCOVO headset and is on his way.

Urgent last minute change to production run! The Account Manager uses her VOCOVO handset to speak instantly with the supervisor on his VOCOVO headset.

The Manager has his VOCOVO handset on loudspeaker mode so he can monitor headset communication on the shop floor.

Urgent problem! The supervisor speaks instantly with her team located around the building via their VOCOVO headsets.

Delivery delayed! The shift leader has received a Real-Time Event message from a company advising that their delivery will now be arriving at 13.20.

This person is using his VOCOVO headset to communicate instantly with off site colleagues via their VOCOVO headsets.

Urgent engineer problem! The manager has received an urgent telephone call onto his VOCOVO headset from an engineer who is at a customer site trying to fix a machine.

A delivery has arrived! The driver presses the CallPoint. Instantly staff hear the message "Delivery arrived - Bay 2" broadcast on their VOCOVO headsets and agree who is to attend.