Team Communication Case Studies

VOCOVO’s team communication solutions have been installed in many of our client sites for ten years or more. We are proud of our long term partnership with these organisations and how this has enabled them to help solve complex operational challenges, resulting in tangible returns on investment.

In the following VOCOVO case study one of our clients, Jacks, has kindly provided us with the story of their search for a team communications solution and the benefits they have discovered in their working environment. If you would like to see the full version of the case study, follow the link and download your own copy.

Jack's by Tesco Case Study Improve Efficiency | Vocovo



Retail Testimonials

These are just a few examples of where VOCOVO’s team communication solutions have been installed and the positive impact that this has had on the business.

(The following testimonials are anonymous due to the highly competitive nature of the retail industry and a desire to keep operational details confidential – but all of those described here are major high street names).


High street food retailer – queues at the checkout reduced, saving 7 man hours per store, per week

A major food retailer was looking to reduce queues at the checkouts and maximise till transactions. Having researched the market for suitable communication systems, a trial was carried out using the VOCOVO’s team communication solution. Supervisors were equipped with conferenced headsets and every checkout was installed with a keypad to request specific assistance from the supervisor.

This customer answered their return on investment by proving that the new team communication solution saved at least 7 man hours each week per store. The savings in manpower were re-invested and used to pay for VOCOVO’s team communication solution to be installed in every one of their 900+ stores throughout the UK. It has now been in use within their stores for 10 years. This customer is now on their third iteration of the product, having just refreshed again recently.


Major DIY retailer – 40% efficiency savings achieved

A major DIY retailer carried out an initial single store pilot that highlighted significant store efficiencies. Further stores were then chosen to be piloted. Results were so good that after only three further pilots and 30 days it was agreed that a full rollout should be implemented immediately.

A staggering 40% saving in efficiency was reported by one of their stores.


Major DIY retailer – 6% increase in revenue achieved

During a major research project looking at customer behaviour, this DIY retailer discovered that approximately 50% of customers left their stores without having found what they went in to purchase. In 48% of those cases, the item was in the store – the customer just never found it or they couldn’t find a member of staff to help find the product.

It was the result of this research that prompted a regional trial of VOCOVO’s team communication solution across 20 of its stores. This trial resulted in an increase in revenue in excess of 6%, based on footfall. The solution was subsequently rolled out to all 330 of their stores in 2014.


Theatre & Event Testimonial

Blakeney Players

A highly professional local theatre group in North Norfolk, stage regular productions throughout the year involving at least 50 people on each occasion. Frustrated with the limitations of single-channel radio communication devices such as walkie-talkies, they opted for our headset solution to help out.

The headsets were used for the first time during the Christmas 2014 performance and the stage production team was so pleased with them, they decided to double the size of the system to 10 headsets.


Manufacturing & Warehouse Testimonial


Quantrelle had been searching for a team communication solution when the Managing Director saw the effectiveness of our team communications system in a large retailer. They contacted us and after a short demonstration, decided to install a system and reap the benefits of team communications.